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9:00 PM

All Things Valentine

11:00 PM

One Winter Weekend

1:00 AM

A Wish Come True


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  3. 7:00 AM

    2 Years of Love

    As radio agony aunt Samantha struggles with her own marriage, she begins to bond with a caller looking for advice on his relationship.

  4. 9:00 AM

    An Hour Behind

    The time change and a case of mistaken identity result in a wonderful blind date for Trish and Parker, but is it enough to keep them together?

  5. 11:00 AM

    Love, Once and Always


  1. 1:00 PM

    Mechanics of Love

  2. 3:00 PM

    Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery

  3. 5:00 PM

    Winter's Dream


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    A Gift of Miracles

  2. 9:00 PM

    All Things Valentine

    A blogger who has had terrible luck on Valentine's days meets a handsome veterinarian. Then she finds out he is the one who has been leaving rude comments on her Valentines day articles and she questions if her luck has changed at all.

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